Firestone Destination Le01

The Firestone Destination LE01 provides a Great Level of Comfort with Low Road Noise and a Smooth Ride. This tyre also boasts Good Grip in Wet and Dry conditions as well as Increased Resistance to Wear.


  • 2 ply carcass
  • Jointless cap layer construction
  • L.L Carbon - a reinforcing material that strengthens rubber
  • Innovative Roundness - O-Bead changes the way the tyre interacts with the rim creating an even fit between the tyre and the wheel rim
  • Uni-directional pattern


  • Enhances casing strength for excellent resistance to road hazard damage
  • Provides advanced high-speed durability and superior uniformity
  • For greater wear resistance, providing a longer tyre life
  • For a smoother, quieter and more comfortable ride
  • Increases both wet and dry performance


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